About Us

Ever since I was a kid, I've been attracted to aesthetic beauty. In my years of young adulthood, I developed a strong passion for architecture and interior design. To combine this passion with a commercial insight, a career in real estate was only a logical consequence.
I have been almost 20 years in the business, My experience in real estate tells me to always go that extra mile to create a unique atmosphere for my clients. In my concepts I pay huge attention to detail because the small finishing touches are the most important to make a home feel personal and warm.
Having an entrepreneurial spirit, I felt the urge to create a versatile product that could be the perfect addition for someone’s home and life. Adaptable to moods and circumstances.
Thinking about basic concepts in architecture, light is almost the most prominent part to set a mood in a home. Think of a ray of sunlight, piercing through the windows on the marble counter in the morning or candlelight at a cosy diner-party.
Combine that with the right type of music to suit your mood and you’ll feel instantly at ease.
This was the base to create the idea of the first HAPPY41 Speaker. A portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker with the appeal of a warm interior light object. For anybody who’s looking for a more sophisticated solution that brings music and sound into a home, on a trip, by the pool or just for the kids. Elegant, timeless design to take with you anytime, anywhere.
Next to that, HAPPY41 looks to add personality to technology. Giving you the chance to customize details to match your products with yourself.